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let's not change the world but make another one....just for you and me..



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hi^^ matsurika a.k.a ardheeta here..
made this livejournal account because i love a korean band named NELL.. heard that there is a NELL community in here..so i decided to make a lj account.. love NELL cause they're simply GREAT!!!
i'm a victim of korean wave n j-culture too.. love that kind of stuff.. though don't know much about them^^;;
umm..my english is so horrible, to the stage that can make you throw up.. so i think i'll use indonesian instead of english to write in my lj here.. but maybe i'll try to write in english sometimes..no promise though^^;; i love making friend.. so feel free to add me as your friend, if you want me to add you back then leave your message HERE please.. arigatow^^v
i have multiply account too..if you joined multiply too..let's be friend then..add me in here..whitematsurika.multiply.com, thanks^^
edit:somehow i've been sharing my collection here..please note that i'm just a secondary uploader, means i didn't rip those files myself [all the links are mine though, i uploaded it by myself], so you can get those files elsewhere actually..but i do convert some files so the quality would be better..that's all i want to say..
geonil,gifs,by whitematsurika,whitematsurika
hope you like my journal and don't forget that i'm waiting for your lovely comments~ ^-^